Championships 2018

National Championships Cadet (U17)


Malaysian Fencing Federation (MFF)


Malaysian Fencing Federation (MFF)


Penang POWIIS Fencing


Federal Territory Amateur Fencing Association (FTAFA) 2016

Malacca MMU May 2016



Fed Ter

Fed 12,13 March 2016 Bronze  U8 Raeef

Fed Ter 12,13 March 2016 Bronze Jian U10 Epee

Fed Ter 12,13 March 2016 Silver U15 Epee


Fed Ter 12,13 March 2016 Bronze Emil U15 Foil

 Second grand prix March 2016

Second grandprix March2016 Epee

U12 grand prix march 2016

Fed Ter 12,13 March 2016 Gold Nurin U12 Bronze Reyhana Foil

Fed Ter 12,13 March 2016 Silver Nurin & Reyhana Bronze U12 Foil
Bekking Fencing Academy U12 jan 2016 Nurin

Bekking Fencing Academy Jakarta Dec 2016 day 1

Bekking Fencing Academy Jakarta Dec 2015 day 2

Penang Powiis Junior Fencing Championship 2015

Malaysian Fencing Federation Grand Prix 3


Bekking Fencing Stars in 2015 Young Stars

Federal Territory Young Stars

Emil’s first bronze foil U12 in National Grand prix 2015 circuit among established fencers.

Emil congratulations last year silver now gold in 2015 Young stars.

Robyn’s second appearance in the young stars, last year bronze now in 2015 gold congratulations.

Second Grand Prix U12 2015 Epee Gold Again congratulations.


Fencing Championship 2015 (June 13, 2015)
Winners from Bekking Fencing Academy
(Left to Right):

1. Kee Ryn - Silver (Boys U8 - Epee)
2. Reyhana - Bronze (Girls U12 - Epee)
3. Nurin - Bronze (Girls U12 - Epee)
4. Raeef - Bronze (Boys U8 - Epee)

Our First Champion


Emil after winning Silvers and Bronze medals last year. Emerged as winner in Epee in the first Grandprix of the year under 12 this year, congratulations. Nurin was good for 2 bronze in Epee & Foil, which was her first bronze for foil in the Grandprix circuit. We hope she earns more medals in a different color.

Under 12 Grandprix December 2014

Nurin Silver well done.

Emil bronze in Epee.

Selangor Youth November 2014 open under 12 Bronze for Emil.

The Swashbucklers Fencing Duel, an annual epee fencing competition organised by Swashbucklers Fencing (SunwayMas), took place at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (KTAR).

The competition brought together fencers from five participating countries. This year, the Veterans' category (Men and Women) was included for the first time. To qualify for this category, fencers had to have a birth year before 1973 (or age 40 and above).

Our founder and trainer, Gilbert Bekking, emerged the victor of the Veterans' category, to clinch the Gold Medal.

Bronze for Emil in his first Epee national Grand Prix competition --------November 2013



Robyn on the right in her first competition, she managed after hard fighting to grab the bronze Medal in Epee.
---------  Congratulations.

Nurin in her second competition, the Federal closed competition good for 1 silver (Foil) 1(Epee) bronze under 10 and 1(Foil) bronze U12
----------   Well done.

Second National Grand Prix 2014 February.

Emil now Silver great improvement.

Nurin got her first gold, well done.

Silver, Silver and Bronze for our fencers, Well done, Robyn, Nurin and Emil.

Proud fencing parents with there medal winning children. To the right head coach Gilbert Bekking with assistant Strength coach Alice.

Robyn happy with her second bronze.

Our medal winners at the Young Star 2014 competition.


I'm happy to share my good news. Yesterday BEKKING FENCING ACADEMY participated in the 2nd Setiabudi Primary Under 14/12/10/8 Fencing Tournament organised by I-Fencing Centre on June 28, 2014.

Our students won 3 out of 5 GOLD MEDALS and 1 BRONZE MEDAL
NURIN NADIRAH won 2 GOLD MEDALS for Epee under 10 and Foil under 10.
EMIL ARIS BEKKING won 2 medals - GOLD MEDAL for Epee under 12 and BRONZE MEDAL for Epee under 14.

Under 12 Epee Mixed Emil

Under 14 Epee Mixed Emil

Under 10 Epee mixed Nurin

Under 10 Foil mixed Nurin

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